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About us

We are a team of professionals dedicated to improving our peoples’ lives. Unlike any other catering company, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality services for our clients’ total satisfaction.

Our history

Founded by Aziz Kabage , CSL is a national leader in multi-sector catering. CSL is the only national caterer to operate in all segments of catering and related services: airline catering, events, base camps, and support services (onshore and offshore).

We constantly strive to innovate and improve the quality of services we offer to our customers, as well as ensuring the well-being and progress of our employees and managers. Sustainability and respect for environmental values ​​are at the heart of our activities.

Food safety and quality control is our top priority. We care about our client’s health and we make sure the food that they eat is safe and healthy. This proactive approach is based on the international HACCP method in line with food hygiene.

Our Long Term Vision

CSL’s strategic choices are based on a long-term global vision with a number of calculated risks. However, fostering sustainable opportunities as well as long-term investments. In addition, our endeavor to take up new challenges is shown by our ability to identify and seize new opportunities. In order to scale this long-term vision at the managerial level, CSL constantly strives to guarantee transparency and fairness by fully trusting their managers in maintaining a high level of integrity in their duties.


At each stage of our production process, auto-controls are put in place to ensure that staff members follow and comply with safety measures. Performing audits and microbiological analyzes allows us to verify that the expected level of control of our process has been achieved, with the aim of protecting the health of our clients. 

In addition, we are subject to regular external audits. Our manufacturing process, both production and quality management are subject to external audit by qualified professional thus ensuring a high level of objectivity and transparency.


We have a strict system in place that allows us to be at the forefront of the services we provide. From our supply partners to the kitchen and up to your table, what we serve every day is of high-quality ingredients.

First, the quality control team carefully selects and references suppliers. Then follows a systematic and rigorous control upon receipt of raw materials in all our branches. These are subject to regular microbiological analyzes.

In addition, we visit our suppliers’ facilities on a yearly basis in order to make sure that the services that they provide meet our requirements.

Management of non-compliance

Any flaws detected during controls are systematically investigated and appropriate actions are taken. Not only products that do not comply can be destroyed, but measures are also taken to prevent the same anomalies from happening again. 

Staff members are aware of the Crisis management process which is clearly defined in the CSL manual of procedures. Our client’s health is our top priority and in case of food alert, actions are taken with no delay in line with procedures in place.

Quality of service

We meet and exceed our clients’ expectations, by communicating clearly and by being proactive, anticipating and solving any issue that may arise. The great customer service that we provide is our major asset for customer loyalty in a very competitive environment.

Human Resources

Hygiene and quality are both important and of great concern for humans. Staff members performing these tasks are highly rigorous, and organized. Often, when clients and suppliers’ interests are contradictory, they must demonstrate an unwavering level of integrity and objectivity.


Our staff members are professionals trained in the catering and hospitality industry. Human Resources being our greatest asset, it is essential that every member of the team receive adequate training to complement their Continuing Professional Development. 

Trainings are often carried out internally, but at CSL we sign partnerships with schools and training providers within the hospitality industry so staff members can receive training that perfectly suit our needs and those of professionals in the field.

Our Partners