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Our Services

CSL delivers a huge range of tailor-made services that meet all your catering and hospitality needs. Contact us for more details. We can help!

Sites - Restaurants

CSL contributes their your emotional and physical wellbeing by providing workers residing on sites across Mauritania with a wide range of delicious, healthy, nutritious, and high-quality meals.

We have a strict system in place that allows us to be at the forefront of the services we provide. From our supply partners to the kitchen and up to your table, what we serve every day is of high-quality ingredients.

First, the quality control team carefully selects and references suppliers. Then follows a systematic and rigorous control upon receipt of raw materials in all our branches. These are subject to regular microbiological analyses.

In addition, we visit our suppliers’ facilities on a yearly basis in order to make sure that the services that they provide meet our requirements.

Site - Accommodations - Hotels

We pride ourselves in providing quality accommodation, efficient and personalized service that exceed clients’ expectations. Our staff members are always on hand to help in any way they can, ensuring you have the best experience possible. 

Management of offshore installations

We provide site services, paving the way in creating value by providing a wider range of facilities management services. Our flexibility thanks to our multi-skilled staff members allows us to deliver at our best, meeting and exceeding clients expectations. This flexibility also results in cutting overhead expenses and reducing costs from hiring subcontractors.

Company refectory

Would you like to pay an extra and contribute more to the catering costs of your employees? Speak to us for a perfect deal no matter your organization’s size and budget.

Waste management

CSL is involved in the whole process of waste management: collection, transportation, selective sorting, treatment, and incineration of domestic site waste. We manage all types of wastes, whether solid or liquid.

Airline Catering

CSL is a leading provider of a wide range of catering services for the airline industry.

Leisure & Entertainment

Because CSL cares about their staff members well-being, they provide them with relaxation structures on sites: sports and cinema halls, libraries, mini supermarkets, and events.


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